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It has been a team effort to get to where we are and we'd like to give a shout out and special thanks to some of the people that made it possible.

Mark Reihill 2.jpg

(Creator of TEEF Logo, Sign & Branding)

Mark Reihill lives and works in Ireland and has been a professional illustrator for longer than he cares to remember. He is best known for his work within the drinks industry; including branding, advertising, packaging design and editorial. Mark has worked with hospitality giants like The Dead Rabbit (NYC), Century Grand (Phoenix), Gong (London), SGN (Tokyo) - illustrating everything from prints and T-shirts to award winning cocktail menus.

He is the artist on several comic books including the award-winning series ‘Off Girl’ and WWII thriller ‘Ratline’.

Mark has worked with Adidas, Jameson, PokerStars, Usborne Publishing and is the (longest running) cover artist for Starburst Magazine with over 70 covers in the cannon.

He has also exhibited in official, fully-licensed shows with AMC for the Walking Dead, Fox for American Horror Story and was one of the 50 artists handpicked by CBS to feature in a year-long art exhibition celebrating Star Trek’s 50th anniversary.

Mark loves Irish whiskey and has an irrational fear of sharks.


(Responsible for helping make the pub look as fabulous as it does)

DBP architects is a Scottish based practice that was established in 1985 and work throughout the UK with ambitions beyond. We seek to create architectural and interior design projects which are carefully considered, commercially astute and supportive of meaningful interactions to the people who encounter them.

From the outset DBP has strived to combine interior design with architecture as a key component of delivering fantastic spaces. We particularly enjoy working with a large variety of bars, pubs and clubs to achieve some of the best food and beverage venues in Scotland and beyond.

DBP Logo.png

(Designed and created our website)

Fraser Wilson of FJW Design is based in Hampshire, England. Originally from Paisley and still a St. Mirren supporter, he is a second cousin of Foxies Chef Owner Ferrier Richardson.

Fraser is a versatile Graphic Designer and Illustrator and has worked with businesses all over the UK.  He studied Art & Design at University before working in Insurance and then Pharmacy. He started his business in 2020 after finally changing careers to come full circle and hasn't looked back since.

Fraser is proud to have played a part in what he believes will be a very successful venture for his family and the East End of Glasgow.

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